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01/03/15 03:50 pm
hey for those looking for dark side, I don't know what happened but she was stealing the story from someone else so that's why I'm guessing its deleted.

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What project are you most excited to see from the Jonas Brothers

New Jonas Brothers Album
New Jonas Brothers Album 68%
Nick on Last Man Standing
Nick on Last Man Standing 6%
Joe's untitled Movie
Joe 11%
Kevin and Danielle's possible Reality Show
Kevin and Danielle 11%
Joe on Hot in Cleveland again.
Joe on Hot in Cleveland again. 1%
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Welcome to the Jonas Brothers Fanfiction Archive!

It's your number one source for Jonas Brothers stories deleted from FF.net and home to stories from authors new to the Jonas Brothers fandom!

Site News
4 years :(
Hi Guys, Courtney here. I know it's been forever since I posted or really taken care of the site and I'm sorry about that.

Just wanted to post that in a week it will be the 4 year anniversary of my dear friend and fabulous writer Jude's death.

As I normally do at this time of year, I am going to post the Letter that Nisa kindly wrote all of us in the wake of Jude's passing.

For anyone that isn't familiar with Jude or Nisa or their stories, they will be going up on my account for a short period of the time over the week. One story has already been uploaded partially. I really hope you guys get the joy out of their stories as many of us who have been on the site for years have. They were truly incredible.

The post was titled, Friends of Jude.

"Hi, this is Nisa. I don't know if maybe you've hear of me - I know Jude talked about me quite a bit. I'm her sister, basically. Well, my family adopted her when her parents died so I consider her my sister.

...And I've been staring at a blinking cursor for the past hour trying to write this. Only in the past few days have I started going through all Jude's accounts and closing alot of them and I guess I just...

--Courtney Storrie on January 07, 2015 07:18 am 2 Comments
New Featured Stories?


I know it's been awhile since anything really lively has happened on the site, and some have come and gone, but I was wondering what stories you guys have been reading and enjoying lately! It'd be awesome to feature some new stories that maybe not many have read yet!

If you DO have some great suggestions, head on over to the forums, and reply in the thread that I've created there!


Thanks, lovelies! Live long and prosper, Jonas fanfiction readers and writers!


--Mandy on April 06, 2014 06:35 pm 0 Comments
Round 3 babies!

Woo!! You guys are freaking awesome. We got a whole bunch of emails once again. I am so freaking happy that you guys are loving this game. It was one of my favorite thoughts I had about the JBFA revamp so I'm glad you like it.

I totally forgot to say WHAT the story was that the round before was based on and it was "Rules of Seduction" by SocrBritney. If you've never read it before.. DO SO NOW! I advice you, no... I'm ordering you haha. JK!

This challenge story was by yours truly and the story is called 'Come and Get It.' It's one of my proudest stories and I absolutely love it. Go check it out if you haven't before.

Just as a refresher, here are the rules and how scoring works.

If your story is subject to one of the clues you are not eligible to gain points for that round.

You must email jbfaadmin@gmail.com with your response, do not comment on this post. Please made sure that you title the “JBFA scavenger hunt” so I can make sure that I receive the emails in respective order. If your title does not state that...

--Courtney on September 13, 2013 08:04 am 4 Comments

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